Reconnect with Spirit.
Release your fear.
Redesign your life.

Hi! I'm alan. I'm an Author, Witch, Shaman, and Life Coach.
And here's how I can help you.

My latest online audio course

The Fear Eradicator

is available now. You get access to all of the lessons and PDF's right away - no waiting till launch dates or wading through a webinar.

Click below to read a bit more about it, and decide for yourself.

Start here! This is where you can find the very first episode of my recent Podcast project:

Your Awakened

Soul Podcast

It's a high-level overview of what I'm focusing on right now in my life and my work, and it usually focuses on tips, tools, and spiritual technology to help you express Spirit in your everyday, and thereby empower and improve every area of your life as a result.

I just want to say thank you for the course... It was awesome!! Well worth doing! I hope you continue to offer this to others as well, it is a course well laid out and easy to follow. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have!


Student of Otherworld Journeys Course

[Alan is] someone I could sit with for coffee and just listen and learn from. There is no high and mighty attitude here and I find that refreshing.


Reader of The Spell In My Pocket

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