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The Power Of Affirmative Prayer

I used to have issues with the word “prayer.” It was a block that I couldn’t let go of. I felt like it was something I wasn’t allowed to use when I left the Christian religion of my youth. And I suppose it’s because it was ingrained in me from a young age that Christians are the only people who pray. I’m not really sure why that was a stipulation - maybe because the teachings of my youth said that if you don’t pray, you’re not Christian? I’m not really sure why that was a thing for us.

But in 2000, I found something called “Affirmative Prayer.” It’s also called “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” And while it still took me a few more years to realize that prayer wasn’t about the folding of the hands, or getting on one’s knees, or addressing your Higher Power as “God” or “Jesus,” I found this process useful in helping to manifest in my life through the Law of Attraction.