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Three Ways I Prepare For Ritual

Since re-opening the Coven in 2014, I haven't really done much solo ritual. I did for the first year, but then I kind of slacked off with it. Admittedly, I even dropped my daily practice to

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The Top 5 Things I Do At My Altar

Yes, I have an altar.I know: shocker, right? Like anyone who proclaims to be a Pagan, or a Shamanic Practitioner, or an Earth-based Spiritualist wouldn’t have some sort of altar in their

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How Animists Can Get More Out Of Solo Ritual

Ritual holds a special place in my heart. It can be either formal, or casual. And either way, when done well, ritual adds that something special - a little zing - to our lives.As an animist,

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5 Kinds Of Ritual Beginner Animists Should Know About

As I was beginning my spiritual path, there were a lot of different events to attend. There were public rituals for almost everything you could think of, and they were advertised quite a lot

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Hestia’s Fire

Back in the year 2000, I’d already been a Coven-trained Witch for about 7 years. And I’d already led two Covens.The first was my Home Coven when my Initiator fell ill, and I took over.The

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