The Beginning Of Your Best Life - Alan

The Beginning Of Your Best Life

For the last 30 years, I've been a practicing Shaman. I've done the Power Animal Retrievals, the Soul Shard Retrievals, and the Spirit Extractions.

But no matter how many of those healing practices I do with other people, they always have questions about how to move forward in their lives. The questions are always about "What's the next step?"

And in the past several years, I've done what I call "Automatic Journaling," where I'll sit down after meditation and write some notes. Usually, it flows pretty strongly - lots of (almost mystical-sounding) notes from what I consider to be my Sacred Self or Godself - what others might call their "Higher Self."

This post is 100% notes that came from my journal in response to the question, "How do I begin to live my best life?"


Allow Or Resist

All you can do is allow or resist the flow of what is - and all there is, is Love.

When you move into a frequency of love, everything begins to flow. It doesn’t matter that some people in the world poo-poo your methods - what they think is really none of your business.

The easiest way to get into a vibe of that frequency is to be in a place of joy.

It's Their Choice Whether To Come Along Or Not

Quite often, we have to hold space and vision for ourselves. There will always be others who want to keep you in the same place as them because your growth is discomforting for them. They’re afraid that your change - your move into the higher vibe - is going to change you as a person.

If they’re afraid, they’re going to act on it based on their own shadow manifestation. But you can’t own that for yourself. As long as you’re living in this high vibe, you must have faith that they can sense positive change, and will want to come on the journey with you.

If people fall out of/off your life because you move into a higher vibe of Love, that is their choice to make. What is most important is that you feel good in the way you’ve come to serve Spirit in this world.

The other person has two choices: (1) come along on the journey in the higher vibe with you; or (2) fall off and let you continue on your journey.

Once you’re able to accept that they have to own their own shadow - to love their own shadow for themselves, and in their own time (you can’t love their shadow for them) - then you realize that the only thing you can really do is live as an example of that loving and nurturing presence.

Still, Be The High Vibe

There will always be should’s and could’s and would’s, but they aren’t your concern. Your only real concern is to stay in this world of illusion, this world of smoke and mirrors, and still be the high vibe of love and joy. Because as long as you keep doing that, you’ll attract what is meant for you.

We all come to this work in our own time, and you can’t force someone to start loving their shadow and conquering their fear. They need to make that choice themselves. We cannot do the work for them. But by being the person who lets others make their own choice without judging them for it, they’re going to see the light you bring into the world when the time is right for them to see it.

Open up to Spirit. Allow Spirit to flow into your life and through life in ways you never have before and you will see the outcomes you’re chasing suddenly start chasing you.

Yes, You Can Feel Your Feelings

No, you don’t have to be a bubbly Optimist all the time. Life hands us shit a lot. The goal isn’t to be bubbly 24/7 - the goal is to feel your feelings, let them pass in their own good time, and then allow yourself to go back into the high vibe space for Spirit to flow through you. Easier said than done, right? Sure - but it’s not an impossible dream.

Meditate. Ask yourself questions that move you forward. Love on yourself. And then go do something else that brings you joy. Too simple? Yes. That’s the beauty of living in a high vibe space - it’s simpler than you make it out to be.