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Three Ways I Prepare For Ritual

Since re-opening the Coven in 2014, I haven't really done much solo ritual. I did for the first year, but then I kind of slacked off with it. Admittedly, I even dropped my daily practice to about two or three times each week.

Not cool homey.

But that's one of the reasons my 2020, is a Depth Year. (You can check out my video on that here.)

Yes, my Mondays are pretty chock full, since it's the only time I'm awake during the day. It's the time I get to work on my business stuff. But I've scheduled some time in this coming year to do solo ritual.

Which got me to thinking about the way I used to prep for solo ritual.



I don’t know if people still do this, but I fast before ritual.

Fasting is a great way to prepare the mind, and the body to receive mystical experience.

I’ve had a few times where I’ve fasted for about eight hours prior to ritual, and received some very interesting visions during the proceedings. A couple of them have been visions of the future of my own life, and both have come to be. Another vision I once received was communication from one of my Spirit Teachers (whom I’d met previously in a Journey into the Otherworld).

(Just a quick warning: if you are on a special nutrition plan - such as for diabetes, or for a heart condition - please don’t randomly fast. Ask your doctor what’s appropriate. Fasting can be dangerous with certain illnesses.)

Ritual Bathing

Ritual bathing adds to the pre-ritual preparation, too.

I generally will fill my tub up, add an herb or two, and soak for a bit.

Sometimes, I light a candle, and some incense, as well.

During the ritual bath, there’s often prayer, and singing that goes along with it.

When I sing in the ritual bath, it’s one of the Power Songs I received from a Power Animal during an Otherworld Journey long ago. It was specifically given to me by my Animal Spirit Ally as a method of cleansing my energy, and preparing my spirit for the ritual to come.

If you are in contact with a Power Animal or a Spirit Teacher, ask them to see if they can provide you with a Power Song for this purpose. Of all the people I’ve recommended this to (and there have been quite a few), none of them have been denied just such a Power Song.


And then there's smoking.

I don’t mean smoking the funny herb (420, feel). What I mean is taking the same kind of incense I used for my ritual bath, and wafting it around my body with a feather, or a fan of feathers.

My feather-fan is made of the naturally molted tail feathers of a Redtail Hawk. I tied three feathers together with a brown ribbon, and added some beads on the end of the ribbon for weight.

Do you have particular things you do get ready for ritual? I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments below!