Why Visualization Is The Least Important Skill You Need To Develop - Alan

Why Visualization Is The Least Important Skill You Need To Develop

Visualization is not the only skill you need, and it isn’t even the best one to develop.

When we work on our goals, we do it by accomplishing smaller tasks that lead to the bigger goal. We do it by conquering the easiest items first, and with that momentum of victory under our belts, we start working on the tasks that take a little more time, or need more research.

We can use the same principle in developing our extrasensory perception.


Not Everyone Is Suited To Visualization

Yes, we live in a society where people seem to be very visual. But different people have different skills. Just because we may be able to physically see doesn’t mean that’s the only thing we do.

We have four other physical senses besides sight. We have hearing, touch, taste, and smell. The human spirit is no different. It would stand to reason that, if we have spiritual sight and physical sight, we should also have a spirit version of the rest of our senses, yes?

Historically, visualization has been touted as THE skill to have because, supposedly, it’s “more precise.” I don’t believe this is true. Just because an early Occultist made some arbitrary decision about their own skills doesn’t mean that everyone else is the same.

Without ALL of the senses, your experience of the physical world is limited to some degree. If you’re absent one of the senses by birth or by trauma, other senses tend to compensate for it. In my experience, this is just as true in the Otherworld.

The Otherworld Isn't That Different

You have spirit sight, spirit sound, spirit touch, spirit smell, and spirit taste. We call these clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairtactility, clairolfaction, and clairgustance, respectively.

Obviously, you don’t go around licking everything in real life, so there’s no need to go around doing it in the spirit realm.

But the point is that you are naturally inclined towards one or more of the senses on a regular basis. Often, this has to do with how you learn best.

If you learn best by seeing visual images, then maybe you should focus on developing visualization.

But it’s not the only sense. If you learn best by hearing lectures, then maybe you should be focusing on your auditory spirit senses.

Practice: Use Your Sense Memory

You can pull up memories for all five senses.

You can see someone taking an apple pie out of the oven, hear them closing the oven door, smell the fresh-baked apple pie, feel how hot the top of it is, and possibly even taste what it was like to have it ala mode.

There’s no reason not to practice these skills in the spirit realm.

Go into your inner sacred space and practice feeling what tree bark feels like underneath your palm. Or what the sounds of birds or breezes in the treetops sound like.

It’s only necessary to focus on the skills that are easiest for you first.

Same principle as debt-reduction strategy: develop the easiest spirit skills first - the ones that come most naturally. And then keep the momentum going by working on the ones you happen to be less prone to use as time goes on. This isn’t a competition, so take your time exploring each sense in the spirit realm.

Visualization is just one skill. Work on all of them for a more powerful manifestation result and/or for a better interaction with the spirit realm. But always start with the least troublesome skill.